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Re: Who's got Stones

> > Have they had a decent song since Start Me Up?

I would say they have.  Not the "quality" of songs from early in their
career, but new songs that were popular.  Plus, they tend to feature their
favorites in tours following new albums.

Compared to the Who, at least the Stones put out new songs once in a

> And, did I mention that they suck live?

The Stones are much more mechanical and predictable live within each song.
While they vary set lists, each song seems packaged.  But, with their
tremendous catalogue to chose from, they always add a fun special song or
two...examples: Monkey Man in 2002/2003, 2000 Light Years From Home (title?)
in 1989 or was it 1994?  I do like the Stones live and their sound is filled
well by horns and keyboards.