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Re: Looking for 'da bomb'...and the Stones

----- Original Message ----- From: "Marcus Surrealius"
> > Sha-doobie.
> Jim M:
> After 1973, the Stones are irrelevant. But then again,
> if we want to quote stupid lyrics: "Did you pinch my
> trainer football/Say if you half inched it..."

Did You Steal My Money is not exactly the mega-hit and concert staple that
Shattered is.

> > And, did I mention that they suck live?
> But they didn't used to. Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out is all
> but the equal of LAL. Those two plus the Allman's
> Fillmore East are certainly the best three live albums
> of all time.

Well, I'll try to lay my hands on a copy, but judging by MR, I don't think
I'll agree that it's *that* good.  By the way, I looked at Amazon to see the
track listing and one reviewer seemed to think most of Mick's vocals on the
album were added afterwards.  I'm not surprised.

Jim  M