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Jo....in the know...

>From: Jdtr006@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: (no subject)
>Wow...I sneak back in here and find Jo is leaving. <snip> Why are you so
>angry with Pete? I must have missed something important, please fill me in.

Please fill us in why you're so angry with Pete, Jo.

In case you've forgotten what you've written, let me re-post...

>From: SicilianMother@xxxxxxx
>Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 11:11:34 EST
>"Fuck the Who"
>"Fuck Roger"
>"Fuck the Fans"
>I recently have had this overwhelming urge to just throw everything I have
>Who-related out, after I completely destroy it into little pieces, even my
>Who-related relationships.  Fuck them!  Fuck everyone!!!


>It was just a fantasy I had that Pete
>would care about the stuff I tried to do to help.  But he doesn't.

BTW, I don't agree with you, and that's no "secret".
I also don't have secrets with you, Jo.
Come on, please enlighten us as to this bitterness with Pete!

>I wish you
>guys really knew what he thinks of the fans.

This is a who list, Jo!  What better place to discuss!
What, you're going to sit there and keep us in the dark???
That's not fair!

>I do know and it has eventually
>ruined everything for me.  I hear his songs, it hurts.  So, why listen to
>music anymore?

Ya know, this was just a few days ago, and here you are again listening and
wanting to talk Who.
What is it that "you know", and why the about face?
What's changed??

> the passion is over for me.  The love I had for them is tarnished and
>poisoned and causes me pain.  Their music used to be source of great
comfort for
>almost my whole life but it is no longer that.  <snip>  Plus, there is
allot of stuff that has occurred behind
>the scenes with Pete that ya'll aren't privy too.

So, what's occurred behind the scenes???
Why the secrecy??
I'm all ears!!
What (or who?) is it that we're not privy to, that suddenly *you* are??
Come on!
Let us in!
Don't be such an Alley Cat.

And then, there's this pile of shit...

>Kevin is an ass.  He has to disagree with everything I say

Yeah, how dare I disagree with what you wrote above (please note who's
slinging the names and mud here).
How dare I stand up for Pete and not just let you spew crap about him like
Think back, I seem to remember that you used to defend Pete from perceived
bashing by me and others.
Oh, but *I* can't defend Pete?  You have the patent on that???

>even if he
>secretly agrees with it.

That's where you lost touch with reality.

>You are an asshole Kevin!.  Everyone can see how perturbed
>I am lately and assholes like Kevin are just going to use that against me

And, that's where you just lost it.

I'm not going to let this go, Jo.
You have "insider" information, and I think we've shared enough with you
over the past year+ that you owe us this grand information that you have.
I really want to know.

Kevin in VT