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RE: Jo....in the know...

Is this what you're hot about, Kevin? It sort of upsets me to see you doing this, as Jo hasn't exactly attacked Pete in any way. Somebody has dumped a load of crap on her, but she knows it's all lies, so just overlook the rants, please.

Jo did a lot to influence different groups in last year's fan PR campaign (some of it at my request), so I'm sure she's one of the people Pete is extremely grateful to. She deserves thanks from other fans, and not more annoyance.


Yeah, how dare I disagree with what you wrote above (please note who's
slinging the names and mud here).
How dare I stand up for Pete and not just let you spew crap about him like
that. Think back, I seem to remember that you used to defend Pete from perceived
bashing by me and others.
Oh, but *I* can't defend Pete? You have the patent on that???

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