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Re: when will this end.

>From: Keithjmoon70
>Subject: Re: when will this end.
>Well, as far as apologies go, I apologize to the list that this nonsense
>ended up on the list.

Yes, looking forward to the day that Jo calls *you* an asshole.  Then *I*
can label it all nonsense.
Yes, nonsense.
Nice of you to lie to me, Jon.
You're so the Christian.
I've never lied to you, Jon.
I've never lied to Jo.
I've never lied to a single person on this or any other list.

Sucks stepping in the shit, doesn't it.

> If I want to talk
>to somebody even if it's about The Who, I'll do it without owing "the list"

Oh spare me your dramatics, Jon.
I never said anyone owed the list an apology for chatting behind the scene.
What I think is wrong is to bring your off list chats, the results of those
chats, the half truths and outright lies of those off list chats, here.
Jo attacked my ass because of your crews off list chatter, that ended up
being a HUGE scam that both you and Jo fell into.
Instead of laughing about it here on list, I tried to help.
I *did* help.

But, instead of at the *very least* just leaving me alone, Jo insists on
continuing her insane attacks on me.

I think when it's dark, and she's alone in her room, thinking about all of
this, she really does know that it's not me she's mad at, but actually those
that she has confided in and have been shown to be fake, or full of lies and
You included, Jon.
And, don't forget that it was Jo who brought this all to the list.
Not me, Jon, but Jo.

>As for Keets' involvement, she is NOT butting in.

Oh she most certainly is.  Again.
She sees herself as the protector of Jo who Keets apparently feels is in
desperate need of protection.

>She knows the story.
>Johanna told me to tell her about it and see what she thinks, since she is
not an

Fuck you, Jon.
And, until I defended Pete on list, I wasn't an ass to Jo either.
But, she wants to use me as a villain.

Ya know, I'd like to see the two of you shut the fuck up, and let Jo say
She was so gung ho to crap all over the list before.  Why not simply come
back here and say "damn, I apologize.  Things turned out not to be what I
thought they were.  I was wrong."

I guess we'll never see that kind of character from either of you three.

Kevin in VT