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when will this end.

>From: SicilianMother
>Subject: when will this end.
>I originally wrote this to Jon, but figured I'd put it up here.  Apparently
>everyone tells everything said in private anyway so..........

Well, I wish now I had waited another few minutes before sending my "Jo...in
the know" post.
Glad you're coming clean...

>I wish you wouldn't have told Kevin mainly because I asked you not to tell
>anyone.  Also, now that idiot thinks I should thank HIM.  For what?

Thank him for what?
How about for caring enough about a "fellow Who Sister" (as I wrote to Jon)
to want to help and get you and Jon to realize that Ollie Cat was a huckster
and was feeding you a Whollllle pile of shit.
For taking the time out of my busy work day to ask some of the most senior
listers on all lists for their insight in what you were being subjected to.

I didn't have to bother.
Particularly after you publicly call me an "asshole" here on list, I could
have just let you and Jon continue to believe that you were really talking
to John's sister.

>Pompous ass
>he is!!

Take a look in the mirror, Jo.
You're throwing out some vile shit at me, and it's not deserved.

>I had no idea Scott, Kevin, Brian C. and
>whoever else were investigating because of what you had told them.

First of all, Jon only spoke to me.
He didn't speak to Scott, or Brian C..
And, I begged Jon to let you know.  I believe my words were "don't play this
'I have a secret game, Jon', be up front."
I begged him!
And, all I knew was what Jon told me when he approached me.
So, if you were figuring stuff out on your own, then great.  But, the way it
was presented to me was that you were having conversations with an
When Jon approached me, he too believed you were talking with John's sister.
Keep in mind that Jon wrote me the day after your "I have insight and Kevin
is an ass" post.
So, if you were figuring it out, I can't explain why you posted all that
negative shit about Pete on list.

>The ONLY information I had about Pete that I shared on the list was that
>says "fuck you" to the fans, which is what "that person" told me and now is
>probably and apparently not true.

Ollie Cat admitted she was full of shit.
She's a predator.
This is a good lesson for *everyone* on *all* lists.
Be careful out there, there are people who will prey on others they perceive
as being weak or emotionally vulnerable.

>I never, ever insinuated that I knew a secret about Pete being pedophile.

This is the first I'm hearing about *this*.
I never said anything even close to this (not sure if you're accusing me).

>When I found out I wasn't, I wanted the key people I cared
>about to know the truth.  Paul, Scott, You,  Keets, Jim M., NOT Kevin.  I
>care what he thinks about me.

Well, thanks.
And who do you think asked Paul?
And who do you think asked Scott?

So, Jo, please explain what it was that I did that put me in the shitter
with you?
'Cause I'm not going to sit here and take this crap from you much longer.
You're making me out to be a villain and I didn't do one damn thing.
I can throw barbs with the best of them.
So, what was it???
Do you even *have* a reason?
Is it still because I "disagreed" with you?
You know, about Pete and all the inside information you had?

Yeah, how fucking dare I.
Sorry I was proven right, and you were proven to have been had.

>So, after I read what Kevin wrote last night, knowing that you knew about
>post before I did, I thought "Jon wants me to confront Kevin about it and
>THEN he'll back me up 1000%?.  Jon should have backed me up as soon as he
>that, because he is the one that told Kevin about it to begin with!"

What the fuck are you talking about?????

>I shouldn't have went back
>thinking I could celebrate the Who on IGTC.  Those days are over for good.

I think it's wrong to assume I was just going to forget about the whole
thing like it never happened.
And, those days aren't over.  But, you seem to want to bash me in the head
for something I didn't do.
If defending Pete from what you wrote constitutes being an asshole in your
book, than an asshole is what I am.

>I am not going to subject myself to reading Kevin's false accusations

Please, list just *one* fucking false accusation.  List just *one*
accusation (false or true), period.

> and
>cruel words to me, when he has absolutely no basis for it.

List just one cruel word that I've written to you.
Just one!

> Ya, I called  him an
>asshole. He is one.

Yeah, and you're one classy person.

>But, if he thinks I am going to apologize to him for that,
>he's wrong.

Ohhh, I don't doubt for a moment that you don't have the character to admit
when you are wrong, and apologize.

>If he thinks I am going to thank him for supposedly doing some

WHAT THE???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon, you're obviously not giving Jo all the information that I *begged* you
to relay to her.
And now, you're letting Jo think things that aren't so.
You guys are great.
Such a tight bond and friendship the Byrd House gang has going.  It's
plastered all over the list now.
Thanks much, Jon.
How very x-tian of you to let a person go on believing falsehoods.

>that had absolutely no affect on the me finding out the truth, I'm
>not, because that all came after the fact.  The only people I have to thank
>helping me is my brother and you <Jon>.

Gee, that's interesting.
If it was after the fact, and you have Jon to thank, than please explain to
me how it is that *I* was the one who educated Jon in all of this.
Jon approached me and said that you were chatting with John's (Entwistle)
sister who was once married to Roger.
*I'M* the one who set Jon straight on that (Roger was never married to
John's sister).  *I'M* the one who informed Jon that the photo of Roger in
the shower is one that is readily available on the internet, and isn't at
all a family photo as Ollie Cat stated to you (and you and Jon believed).
So, after the fact?
You have Jon to thank?
You've got your facts *all* wrong, and it sounds like Jon isn't giving you
all the facts.
If you don't believe me, I have a list of 5 major listers (not just igtc)
that can back me up.

You know where you thanks should be going.
But fine, keep sticking your head in the sand.

>The only problem is now I wonder how many
>other things I have told you in private you have told others.

Or, what other things have been told to Jon that he's not telling *you*.

"Be kind, *BE FUCKING REAL* or get out of my face.

You guys are a mess.

Kevin in VT