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when will this end.

I originally wrote this to Jon, but figured I'd put it up here.  Apparently 
everyone tells everything said in private anyway so..........
It is so hard to admit I am hurt by your betraying our trust, but I am, even 
in spite of all the things we've gone through together.

I wish you wouldn't have told Kevin mainly because I asked you not to tell 
anyone.  Also, now that idiot thinks I should thank HIM.  For what?  Pompous ass 
he is!!

I don't know how in the hell he thinks I should thank him when I solved the 
mystery MYSELF, before I even knew he knew or anyone else knew.  My brother and 
I talked for a very long time Saturday night discussing it  He is the one 
that wouldn't budge on the fact that it was impossible for her to be who she says 
she is.  That is what prompted me Sunday morning to force her to put her 
cards on the table once and for all.  I had no idea Scott, Kevin, Brian C. and 
whoever else were investigating because of what you had told them.

The ONLY information I had about Pete that I shared on the list was that Pete 
says "fuck you" to the fans, which is what "that person" told me and now is 
probably and apparently not true.

I never, ever insinuated that I knew a secret about Pete being pedophile.  
When you mentioned something about people thinking that I was saying I was privy 
to information that Pete was a pedophile, I couldn't figure out where you 
were coming up with that.  I still don't.  Tell me that part, because I don't 
remember what I wrote that would have lead you or anyone to think I was saying 

The people that I shared the whole thing about how that *person who said she 
was someone she wasn't* with were the people that I wanted to know that I was 
mistaken when I said I was "privy" to anything.  When I wrote I was privy, I 
thought I was.  When I found out I wasn't, I wanted the key people I cared 
about to know the truth.  Paul, Scott, You,  Keets, Jim M., NOT Kevin.  I don't 
care what he thinks about me. 

I doubt anything I said that you think might make people think that Pete is a 
pedophile, or not, at this point, would sway anyones feelings about it now 

So, after I read what Kevin wrote last night, knowing that you knew about his 
post before I did, I thought "Jon wants me to confront Kevin about it and 
THEN he'll back me up 1000%?.  Jon should have backed me up as soon as he read 
that, because he is the one that told Kevin about it to begin with!"

I went to bed crying last night and writing this I am crying again.  I 
thought I'd put all this behind me and now it is back.  I shouldn't have went back 
thinking I could celebrate the Who on IGTC.  Those days are over for good.

I am not going to subject myself to reading Kevin's false accusations and 
cruel words to me, when he has absolutely no basis for it.  Ya, I called  him an 
asshole. He is one. But, if he thinks I am going to apologize to him for that, 
he's wrong.  If he thinks I am going to thank him for supposedly doing some 
research that had absolutely no affect on the me finding out the truth, I'm 
not, because that all came after the fact.  The only people I have to thank for 
helping me is my brother and you. The only problem is now I wonder how many 
other things I have told you in private you have told others.