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(no subject)

>From: SicilianMother@xxxxxxx
>Subject: (no subject)
>Well, after Kevin's last post, I just have to leave, this time for good.
>Kevin is an ass.  He has to disagree with everything I say even if he 
>secretly agrees with it.  You are an asshole Kevin!.  

Go ahead and blame me if it helps.
I'll be the villain you're looking for.
Don't bother looking any deeper or at yourself.
No need, now.

>Everyone can see how perturbed 
>I am lately

Yes, we haven't had much choice.
I hope you can find some peace out there.
I really do.

>I wish you 
>guys really knew what he <Pete> thinks of the fans.  I do know and it has eventually 
>ruined everything for me.
>Plus, there is allot of stuff that has occurred behind 
>the scenes with Pete that ya'll aren't privy too.

I think you're full of shit here.
Yes, you've got the grand insight.
Uh huh.

My apologies for trying to engage.
In the future I'll just leave you metaphorically hanging from your rope.

Kevin in VT

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