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Re: (no subject)

Wow...I sneak back in here and find Jo is leaving. You can't leave Jo, the 
female are getting scarce and these guys will tear me up..haha Why are you so 
angry with Pete? I must have missed something important, please fill me in.

I am hearing a lot of no goes for a summer tour. Anyone have any positive 
news on this? I know it's crazy but I am actually waiting to plan any vacations. 
I want to make sure I am here for the show.

And finally...anyone have the dvd Rock and Roll Guitar Heroes? I just bought 
it and Pete is great in it. He talks about getting the windmill idea from "his 
hero" Keith Richards. He also talks about his guitar being a weapon, etc. 
Don't want to rehash it all if you already know, but very good tape.....Sandy