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Re: 1989 tommy video and then some

> In retrospect, I know you meant a studio album, but it took a minute 
> to figure out.

The context of their discussion obviously implied a studio album.  I'm
surprised that escaped you, Alan.

> As I recall, Pete was on acoustic through most of the
> show. He went to electric toward the end. MG was the
> second song of the second set, so while I can't be
> absolutely positive (the memory fades)...I'm guessing
> he wasn't. Which would mean Bolton was playing lead.

Wrong, ML.  Pete played electric guitar, lead guitar, call it what you 
will, on MG in '89.  And I'm pretty sure Bolton wasn't even on stage
when they did it.  Same with ICE.

> How far IS Ohio from MB?

Coming up north for a visit?

> Dig is only OK, and Pete didn't write Fire. It's a bit
> bombastic, don't you think?

"Dig" is horrible & their cover of "Fire" is horrible.  Complete shite.

> I will promise this: if Jane's Addiction opens, I'll go. 

And I promise you if Jane's Addiction opens I'll have more time to drink
in the parking lot before The Who comes on.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism