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Re: 1989 tommy video and then some

> My Generation from '89 tour... Was Pete on lead
> guitar?


As I recall, Pete was on acoustic through most of the
show. He went to electric toward the end. MG was the
second song of the second set, so while I can't be
absolutely postive (the memory fades)...I'm guessing
he wasn't. Which would mean Bolton was playing lead.

> to the list.  Please,
> introduce yourself,.....ML, is it?


Whitey please! It hasn't been that long.

> the Myrtle Beach area?  Am I close? 

How far IS Ohio from MB?

> Then again, on the plus side, it would've been
> another Who studio album with Entwistle playing on

Low blow.

> been in the same vein as "Dig" & "Fire," then sod
> it.

Or it could have been like Face Dances. Which is more
likely, considering the other songs on Iron Man. Dig
is only OK, and Pete didn't write Fire. It's a bit
bombastic, don't you think?

> was very rude, owed me
> $80.00, & has since disappeared.

The check's in the mail.

> of him for ya'!  Think of me as your big brother. 

Instead of Ashcroft, you mean? "Hey, Big Brother..."

> I love Pete's sense of humor.


I was pretty surprised, given Pete's "public" opinion
of touring during that period. Every time I saw him he
seemed to be having the time of his life.

> What about us??
> And...The Who!

There is no Who. I'm living on memories. And since you
mention it, I'm not thrilled at yet another greatest
hits plus two. Or at more Pino. But it's nice to see
my ex-boss getting a little work with the band, on one
song anyway. Is the idea of different bass players
dead? I'd like to see a pic of Jimmy Page's face if
JPJ was with Who's Left this year. And I might even go
to a show, who knows? I will promise this: if Jane's
Addiction opens, I'll go. Strays is effin' amazing.
Any new Townshend material had damned well better be
that good or they shouldn't release it.

"I was a prisoner too, but for bad reasons."
          George "chug-a-lug" Bush

        Cheers         ML

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