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Summer Tour - New Album - I've got all the answers.

>From: "Jim M" <petenotped@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Summer Tour
>You could be right.


Ohhhh yeah, "could be wrong" is my official disclaimer in life.

>I was thinking that they wouldn't go through the bother
>of re-forming and preparing just to do a few shows around the TCT.  But then
>again, the tour would be very different than the accoustic Tommy RAH show,
>wouldn't it?  I hope it would.  Who knows!  Aaaaargh.

Well, I can't imagine they would show up at IOW and pull out the acoustics.
If they did that, they'd probably get run out of town!
There was a whole bunch of pissing and moaning over on PT chat about how some fans felt misled about the TCT show at RAH.  They didn't know it was acoustic, and now are pissed.
It struck me as funny, because for some reason I *assumed* it was acoustic when I heard it was for TCT.
I guess I can see their point.  If you go and buy air fare, tix, lodging, etc. expecting "The Who", and then you get "The Who + footnote about being acoustic".....
Yeah, I'd be throwing a fit!  ;-)

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Kids reunion
>But poor Pete.  He was probably opening up the same hand wounds night 
>after night.  

Getting 'desiccated tomaaaato' ?

>> But, I'm becoming increasingly pessimistic about this Summer.
>So, you subscribe to my Spring/Summer 2005 tour theory then?

Not so sure about that either.  I dunno!  There!  I admit it!

>I think we have to ask ourselves:

Yes, let's ask ourselves, the people we *know* don't know.  ;-)

>If they're gonna release a new CD
>in 2005, then when are they gonna sit down & record the thing?
>I figure recording the CD will take a few months worth of studio
>time.  Right?  Could they work that in during a Summer 2004 tour?

Answer,...no way.
With travel back and forth.  Travel back to the UK for IOW.
No way.
Ain't gonna happen.
But, this leads me to another thought about how this new album is coming together.
Is it me, or does it sound like it's being recorded piece by piece?
Didn't Pete write that he had 5 more songs (other than RGLB and ORW) that he had already done backing tracks, and just needed to get Roger's vocals on?
Is this possible?
Or, are we just talking demo's here, and the final recording for the album will have to be done with all present?
Times are changing, and given new technology, is it possible to record albums piece, by piece?

>Or would they have time *after* a Summer 2004 tour to record 
>the new CD?  Record the CD during Autumn & Winter?

It seems The Who camp is a flurry of activity at the moment.
It's possible tour itinerary could be announced next month.
Anyone remember when Tour 2002 was announced??
2 songs are complete, and have been for a spell.
5 additional songs are near completion.
How many tracks do we presume will make a CD..these days?
I'd be willing to bet the remaining songs for the album are already determined, and it's just a matter of getting the parts recorded.
Pete does need something to keep him occupied while touring.  And, given the kind of equipment we've seen him travel with in the past (full video editing rigs, etc.) he could well have his mobile studio with him.
Wrap up tour in August, hit studio for final segments, etc. in September, album out in November.

Now, about the album...
I'll state here that this is a concept album (standard "I could be wrong" disclaimer applies :o).
Everything I'm reading is pointing to exactly what Pete wrote about in announcing his Autobiography and The Boy Who Heard Music concept.
Written autobiography that pauses in the middle, turns to album (or even video) and then returns to written autobiography.  So, Scott, looks like you'll get your cake and get to eat it too!
We now know that RGLB is about Roger and Pete (more of Pete's jealousies surfacing), and that ORW is about John.  Certified Rose (that is it, right???) about Keith??
This is all leading up to something big, I can feel it!
I'm feeling it.  Are you feeling it??   ;-)
I'm of the opinion, that if you're going to do it.....go big.  Make it a friggin' 2CD concept album and let the shit land where it will.
I get the feeling Pete's behind this much stronger than Roger's 'if it sucks, we'll trash it' comments lead on.  Pete's been a very busy man.  He's feeling almost manic.  A flurry.  Juices are flowing.  Things are a happening.

>From: "Jim M" <petenotped@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Kids reunion
>You'll have to come to the next Mansfield, MA Who show to

I believe Scott has already committed himself to that.
Right, Scott?
You'll meet me there, too.
Ooooo, be afraid, be very afraid.
I'm one scaaaary dude.

Kevin in VT

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