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Re: Summer Tour

----- Original Message ----- From: "O'Neal, Kevin W."

> I'm not sure what I'm feeling in my gut.  Probably just the remains of my
stomach flu.
> But, I'm becoming increasingly pessimistic about this Summer.
> It's March.
> Venues book well in advance.
> I was thinking this this morning driving to work, and then find a post by
Brian Cady about how last tour his sources started leaking information on
venue bookings well prior to the summer tour in 2002.  At this point, Brian
posts, he's heard nothing.
> Hmmmmmmm?

You could be right.  I was thinking that they wouldn't go through the bother
of re-forming and preparing just to do a few shows around the TCT.  But then
again, the tour would be very different than the accoustic Tommy RAH show,
wouldn't it?  I hope it would.  Who knows!  Aaaaargh.

Jim M