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Re: live songs to edit out

> Bargain should probably go.  

"Bargain" live has been pretty strong, IMO.  A good "Zak song."

> Roger's ability to strike that high note is woefully inconsistent.  

You're obsessed with that damn note.

> The magic seems to be gone from that song.  

I don't agree.

> 5.15 can be electric and give Rog lots of chances to swing that mike,

Oh, Rog has the chance to swing his mic during *every* song.

> WAY I must say is one they should never get rid of live.  

I agree.  

> Pete also goes craziest with the windmills at the end of this one.  

Some nasty soloing, as well.

> Relay I also love live for it's unique sound and how it allows Pete to 
> show off his versatility on guitar.

Yeah, Pete's playing is good on that one but that song is a bit long &,
IMO, is the one that has lost much of its magic.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism