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Re: Quad tunes live

> I don't have a problem with that, but the point is that songs from 
> normal albums can be inserted wherever you like in the set.  

How dare you criticize my mini-WHO BY NUMBERS set proposal!

> OK, I do have a problem with Imagine a Man.  I can't think of a Who 
> song I'd less like to hear live.

What a horrible thing to say!  ;-)  That song came across really well
on Daltrey's DST tour.  I'd much rather hear that than LROM for the 
zillionth time.  IAM is very poignant & would fit well in their live
show at this stage in their careers.  I think Daltrey could pull it off.

> I did notice that there's a live version of Slip Kid on that Italian 
> bootleg site someone mentioned here a while back.  They can't have 
> played that live very often.  Too bad the recording sucks, though.  I 
> love the song and it would be great if they played it on the next 
> (last?) tour.

Yeah, that song didn't translate very well on stage in the '70s.  I love
it, too, but I bet it's a sluggish difficult song to play live.  I'd like
to hear Zak give it a go.  If they played it in a slightly quicker, more
driving tempo, I think it might sound good live.  That'd be a nice one
to hear Daltrey sing.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism