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Re: live songs to edit out

> i agree that LROM was a great song during the 2002 tour.  if ya ask me, they 
> should get rid of songs like "who are you", "relay" and "bargain".   and after 
> entwistle died, maybe "5:15".  ain't the same without that 
> great bass solo in 
> the middle. 

I agree in part and disagree in part.  Bargain should probably go.  Roger's ability to strike that high note is woefully inconsistent.  The magic seems to be gone from that song.  5.15 can be electric and give Rog lots of chances to swing that mike, but I agree that isn't the same w/o John's solo.  WAY I must say is one they should never get rid of live.  It gets the non-Who crowd into it, as it's one of their most well-known songs, and it is right in Daltrey's wheel-house vocally.  I love the way he sings it these days.  Pete also goes craziest with the windmills at the end of this one.  Relay I also love live for it's unique sound and how it allows Pete to show off his versatility on guitar.