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Re: Quad tunes live

----- Original Message ----- From: "Schrade, Scott"
> How dare you criticize my mini-WHO BY NUMBERS set proposal!

I never did put my impressions into words, but a few months ago you
convinced me to give By Numbers a closer listen than I had for some years.
After about a week of not listening to anything else in the car, I did
develop a deeper appreciation for However Much I Booze and Dreaming From the
Waist.  But...

> > OK, I do have a problem with Imagine a Man.  I can't think of a Who
> > song I'd less like to hear live.
> What a horrible thing to say!  ;-)  That song came across really well
> on Daltrey's DST tour.

I just can't connect with this song, for some reason.  And it's not some
macho thing.  I love many of Pete's more sensitive songs.  I really don't
know what it is.  By the way, what is "a child of any revolt?"

Oh, and They Are All In Love was the other song that I still can't get into.
Yeah, there's a couple of lines that hint at what it was like to be Pete
Townshend in 1975, but "zip magazine?"  Am I the only one that think that
sounds silly?

Jim M