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Beautiful Birdman...

>From: "Schrade, Scott"
>Subject: Re: Fiddle about

> > But it was nice seeing Pete go into the Birdman pose!
> > That did it for me!
> What's that?

>Eh?  The Birdman pose?
>Anyway, Pete made it a habit on the 2002 tour to strike his famous Bird-
>man pose each time "Sparks" hit that culmination point about 2/3rds of
>the way through the song.  It was beautiful.

Something about the way you wrote this that struck me.
It *was* beautiful.
It wasn't just about the music.  It was a history transcending moment that
linked the present to the past.
It was like proof that they still "had it".
It all came together at those moments.
The sound.  The visual.  The wall of music.  The flash of history.  The
nostalgia.  The majesty.
It *was* fucking beautiful.


Kevin in VT