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Re: Summer tour in 2004- Count on it

In a message dated 1/7/2004 8:58:04 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
joseph559@xxxxxxxxx writes:

<<Res ipsa loquitor: Let the evidence speak for itself. Given Pete's award of 
a long term work visa here in the U.S., it's my bet that he, and Woger, and 
Zak, and Simon, and the rest of the Who-ligans are gonna use the IOW & the RAH 
gigs as a tune-up for a big USA and small UK tour later on this year. 

I talked to a guy today named "Manny", he owns a limo company.  He was 
talking about how he obtains tickets to shows, Rod Stewart, etc.  I asked him about 
the Who and if he has heard anything about them touring...........after he did 
the obligatory "Who?" question that people *always* say when you say "the 
Who", he said that a promotion list came across his desk with The Who slotted for 
a 2004 summertime US tour.

Now, I have never met this guy before today, and I have no idea how credible 
he is, or if he was just saying what he did to impress me.  But, I feel a 
certain obligation to pass it on.  Just keep in mind, that this is a rumor only.

Jo :)