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Summer tour in 2004- Count on it

Res ipsa loquitor: Let the evidence speak for itself. Given Pete's award of a long term work visa here in the U.S., it's my bet that he, and Woger, and Zak, and Simon, and the rest of the Who-ligans are gonna use the IOW & the RAH gigs as a tune-up for a big USA and small UK tour later on this year. 

Can it get any better than this? Hell, yeah! I just received my personally-autographed edition of Ringo's "Postcards From The Boys" (Genesis Publications), which is a wonderful book of reproduced postcards sent to Ringo by John, Paul & George. Wonderful stuff and boxed in a red metal case. Worth every penny I paid for it. If you get the chance to buy this book, get it. 

Altho' it's belated, I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone on this list and I hope we see a Who tour later on this year, as well. It'll give me a reason to get Scott Halpin back into the world again. 

Jai Guru Deva. Om. 

Crazy Joe.