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Re: Summer tour in 2004- Count on it

> Given Pete's award of a long term work visa here in the U.S., it's my 
> bet that he, and Woger, and Zak, and Simon, and the rest of the Who-
> ligans are gonna use the IOW & the RAH gigs as a tune-up for a big USA 
> and small UK tour later on this year. 

All indicators seem to be pointing in that general direction, yes.  Now
we can begin asking the perfunctory questions like:  What will the set-
list be like?  Will they rehearse & play some Who rarities?

Will they complete the "new album" before the tour?  Will they perform a 
few "new songs?"  Will Simon tag along again?  Who will play bass?

Will Pete experience any negative reactions during the tour, based on his
recent troubles?  Will there be uninformed protesters outside each venue 
that we Who-freaks will have to get into arguments with?

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism