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BBC retracts IOW facts mistakes

After I wrote to the BBC and alerted them to the fact mistakes they printed about the Who being banned after the 1970 show.  Here is part of the e-mail they sent me.  If they come through with the free Who at RAH CD, which I already have, I would like to send to a deserving lister who has not gotten it yet.

BBC: "Apologies that it has taken so long to sort out the complaint - this has been due to difficulties in tracking down various PR people over the Christmas/New Year break.

The factually incorrect parts of the story came from Press Association copy  - which in turn was sourced from the agency responsible for publicity for the Isle of Wight festival (and coincidentally also The Who's publicity).

I have contacted them (the Outside Organisation), and they have apologised for their error, saying the live review mentioned in their press release was from a different event. I have corrected the story on the site.

As a bit of a bonus, they have also offered to send you a copy of The Who's album 'Live At The Albert Hall'."

This is Mc... I hope I didn't accidentally thwart a little pre-show propaganda thrown out by The Who to get people interested in the IOW show this June.  If so, I guess I owe Pete and Rog an apology.