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Re: Mc freaking out

> HAHA!!!!  As I first read this, I said "Hey!" aloud, but then laughed 
> as the joke became apparent.  However, I was not the one who made the 
> cocaine-traced heart medication statement.  I'm not sure who did, but 
> it wasn't me.

HA HA! Ha! Ha.  What?  It wasn't you?  Seriously?  Aw, fuck.  I worked
so hard on that joke.  Goddamnit.  Shit.  I don't like to start my day
off with that kind of news, Mc.  I really don't.  

Well, Mc, I guess I owe you an apology, don't I?.  Apparently you did 
*not* have anything to do with that Ray Davies shooting in your home state 
of Loose Anna.

Which means, Inspector, that the real culprit is none other than.......
Joel!!  I mean Joe!!  I mean Ernie!!  Ha HA!  Case solved!

Sergeant, have Ernie arrested & charge him with shooting a member of the
Kinks.  An *important* member of the Kinks.

Mc, you're free to go.  But behave yourself.  This is a dangerous town.

Check, please!

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism