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Re: Jo...

In a message dated 2/8/2004 8:16:13 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
drjimmy_mrjim@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<Give him a hug and a kiss because from what you described to me - your
kids are VERY lucky to have him.  Your boy may tell you that too, in the next
10-15 years or so.  If he learns a few lessons along the way, that is.

Jim in Colorado

Dear Jim,

Thank you very much for your post.  If I didn't know better, I'd think you 
know my dad!

I meant "old school" as an adjective to describe my dad, but not in a bad 
way.  I think it was a good one too as you described him to a "T"

After reading your post, it re-confirmed what I knew, but got a little wobbly 
on it.  

I am so proud of him and I am glad I kept my mouth shut.  Thank you very much 
for taking the time to write.  'preciate it.  I am proud of my dad (did I say 
that before?), and I believe 100% that he is doing what is best for 
them.......  Possibly the other parents will see that too?  I hope so.  Thanks again.