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Re: Sports for kids...(no who)

	>From: Keithjmoon70
	>Subject: Re: Sports for kids...(no who) 
>>Well, we'll have Ethan out on skis next winter (I've already placed him on 
>>kids skis and walked him around the driveway/parking area), and then on a 
>>snowboard by age 5. 
>You may not have to wait that long.  You could get one of those snow "pods" 
>that you pull behind a snowmobile and put your boy inside of it.

Ha!  Already there.
We had him in a cross-country sled (Dad pulls) last winter at age 6 months.  He loved it....even when I went too fast and tipped him from side to side (Grandma about had a heart attack)!
Also had him in a backpack while snowshoeing and watching Mom snowboard down the ridge behind our house.
Just yesterday we were dragging him around our drive/park area in a bucket like sled.

Drag behind a snowmobile?
Well, I've got a snowmobile that I pull out and ride around the ridges, followed by my two Labs.  I use it really infrequently, and actually haven't used it yet this year.  Besides having a tread that is desperate for replacing, the dogs always come back reeking of 2-stroke.
Plus, the damn thing is friggin LOUD!

>In the summer 
>they have ones that you can pull behind a boat 

Ethan's been sailing as of age 11 months.

Right now the boy doesn't have much of a choice (although he's free to pitch a fit, in which case we would have to reconsider our activity at the time).  I was talking about him actively doing the activity.  Not just a drag along.
So far so good.  He loves all the outdoor activities we do.
Doesn't like falling face first in the snow, though.
But who does!

Anyway, enough about me.
I don't want Alan and Jim to point out anymore inconsistencies or generalizations.
Kevin in VT

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