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Re: Jo...

>From: SicilianMother
>Subject: Re: Jo...
>Dear Jim,
>Thank you very much for your post.  If I didn't know better, I'd think you
>know my dad!
>I am so proud of him and I am glad I kept my mouth shut.  Thank you very
>for taking the time to write.  'appreciate it.  I am proud of my dad (did I
>that before?), and I believe 100% that he is doing what is best for
>them.......  Possibly the other parents will see that too?  I hope so.
Thanks again.

Jesus, now you're making me feel like I bashed your dad.
That wasn't my intent, at all.  If that's how you took my reply, I
I interpreted your post/question as your dad was yelling at these kids in a
negative way.
Perhaps that was my own experiences influencing my thinking.
Or, that's how you were feeling at the time you wrote your post.

I still maintain that at age 8-10 (we're talking 4th or 5th grade, right?)
yelling isn't needed.
I know I wouldn't be psyched to see my young boy subjected to yelling at
that age.

And, let me again repeat for Jim's benefit, that I think there is a world of
difference between 8-10 year olds playing on a team, without any tryouts,
not for a school, vs. playing on a Jr. High (13, 14, and 15 year olds), or
High School team, where you have to *make* the team, and then show a high
level of commitment.
Coaching style and tactics obviously can and should  be different for these
very different scenarios.

Even so, the best coach I had was in College for a very competitive NCAA
soccer team.
He would get pissed, and kick things, throw his clip board, shake his head,
But, when it came time to communicate, he would put his arm around your
shoulder and talk to you in a forceful yet completely controlled manner.
It was all about respect and motivation.
The term "mutiny" is in the dictionary for a reason.

Jo, again, I'm sorry if you feel like I insulted or bashed your father.
Kevin in VT