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Re: Jo...

> That coaching philosophy is based in helping kids have an understanding 
> of what hard work and dedication is.  It teaches them the meaning of 
> sacrifice and the acceptance of winning and losing.

Whoa there, Daddy-O!  You accuse the good Senator from Vermont of making
a generalization & then you go & make one yourself!  

Can you site any studies that show that hard, aggressive, no-nonsense
coaching of young children actually produces the effects you describe?  
And for *every* child?

Are you saying hard work, dedication, & teamwork *cannot* be taught using
a more relaxed, yet still intensive, coaching style?

Or could this be a case of, "*I* got yelled at by *my* coaches so these
little buggers should get yelled at by *theirs?*"  What's good enough for
me....., etc., etc.

Pete Townshend has a suppressed physical attraction to Roger Daltrey.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism