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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

> I've been saying the Kinks suck all along!


Yes, and you've been completely wrong all along!

> But, I think the kind of popularity changed.

Like changing "WMD" to "thinking about maybe making
WMD someday, if the U.S. supplies and funds it again
like they did in the early 80's?"

> Changed from The Who, to a "legends" band.

They were legends from Tommy on.

> Am I right in saying that by the '79-82 era,
interest in The Who was big, but due to feeling the
clock running out?

I doubt it. For me, it was like a relief. "Stop
embarrassing yourselves!" Especially after Who's Last.

> What you gonna do when you have to chase the bear
out of your yard?

Not what Anthony Soprano did, that's for sure! If you
don't bother bears or threaten them, they won't bother
Maybe I'll offer him a pic-a-nic basket, Boo Boo.

> Only 29.99!

At your local light-hat store. Light Hats R Us.

> Ummmm, JIM!

Jim has his proof, I have mine.

> Their loss.

The Who's loss of popularity!

> ....that blows away your assertion.

Get off the gay thing, OK? It's not as funny the
second time around.

> Oooo, all the great wisdom you've absorbed in the
...what, 7 years you have on me?

Nice try to change the subject, just because you
thought Punk was all about spiked hair and safety
pins. Look, I even wrote a Punk song for the band I
was working with: How Can I Be Suave (With Blood On My

> But, he never once said that The Who is currently,
or at any time after 1971, getting less air play than
The Kinks.

BUT he DID say he heard The Kinks on the radio
currently (which was the point) and even listed the
songs. Which, surprise!, were pretty much the same
ones I listed. And we're on opposite sides of the
country. How could that possibly be, I wonder???

> Oh, I see.  So if everyone doesn't like the current
music that *you* like,

So what current music DO you like? Wanna talk about
Jet, The Darkness, the new Vines, what?

> we're not accepting of today's music, and are thus
stuck in the past.

YOU are the one who insinuated THAT! So now you're
arguing against yourself.

> Well, I could say the same about Cake.

As in "let them eat?"

> Speaking of which, they're about to go into the
studio to record another CD,

I'd rather hear a new Radiohead, personally. Course
neither of those bands could rightfully be called

> I knew you'd come around and see it our way.

I'm not in love with your theories. I'm going by solid
stats. You know, what they call "real evidence?" Not
by calling on spirits. "Enie meanie chilli beanie, the
spirits are about to speak."

> Paul's gonna kick your ass for getting your damn
Rick James boots all over the couch.

I hope there's a lot of Chappelle's Show fans here so
they get that one.

> Personally, and I've said this before, I really
value Pete's solo albums.  I think they're better than
what we likely would have gotten from The Who in
that period, frankly.


Again we agree. Although I also feel that White City
and Psycho in particular would have made great Who
albums. I can't see Rog singing "People Stop Hurting

> (hello, Steel Wheels and Dirty Work).

Man, that's cold. Where's my light hat?

> You do understand that we're two people, right?

Think they'll buy that? I would have put it stronger,
if I were me...I were you...you were...wow, the sky
just turned a really nice shade of purple...

"President Bush's August 2001 briefing on terrorism
threats, described largely as a historical document,
included information from three months earlier that
al-Qaeda was trying to send operatives into the United
States for an explosives attack, according to several
people who have seen the memo."
                           CNN 4/9/04

Cheers         ML

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