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The Who's Popularity Peak

>From: Marcus Surrealius
>Subject: Re: The Who's Popularity Peak
>Ah HA! So we agree again! Finally!

I've been saying the Kinks suck all along!
What you talkin' about Willis????

And, damn!  Can't you at least wipe your boots when you come in?

> Quad was a definite
>downward turn for the band's profile. And WBN, two
>years later, didn't help either. They never, I say
>again, NEVER recovered to that level of popularity.

I see where you're coming from.
But, I think the kind of popularity changed.
Changed from The Who, to a "legends" band.
Am I right in saying that by the '79-82 era, interest in The Who was big,
but due to feeling the clock running out?
See 'em before it's too late?

>Oh, they're real mountains...they're just not real

You'll still need a good head-lamp.
What you gonna do when you have to chase the bear out of your yard?
How you gonna see?

Petzle head-lamp.
There is no substitute.
Only 29.99!

>> Exactly my point!
>No, if it was your point they wouldn't play more Kinks
>than Who on the radio.





>Me too! CHART RATINGS, LP SALES, size of venues.

Ummmm, JIM!

>Actually, it did. I know of plenty of people who feel
>that was the end, and never bought any Who CDs after

Their loss.

>> I'm wondering what color he sees when looking at the
>> *blue* sky.
>Depends on what I'm smoking at the time.

That was good.

Lookin' a little purple at the moment, if you ask me.  ;-)

>> What, Mark and Jim are inseparable?
>> Homo's!
>Yeah, don't let two guys agree because that's gay. No
>WONDER so many people think Pete is gay! Sheesh!

And, just incase there's anyone out there taking this at all seriously...
I just like saying the most obnoxious thing that comes into my mind, at
Shock therapy.

>Everybody gets to have their own opinion....

....that blows away your assertion.

>See, I know you're young and don't know but Punk
>didn't used to be a fashion. It was a state of mind.

Oooo, all the great wisdom you've absorbed in the ...what, 7 years you have
on me?

>> Still waiting for just *one* person here (other than
>> you) to state that The Who gets less airplay than
>> the Kinks.
>> Anyone?
>How about Lew? Doesn't he count?

Sure he does.
But, he never once said that The Who is currently, or at any time after
1971, getting less air play than The Kinks.

>You should know. You're the one who can't accept the
>new Jane's Addiction for the great music it is. I can,
>but I'm "stuck in the past." Uh...yeah.

Oh, I see.  So if everyone doesn't like the current music that *you* like,
we're not accepting of today's music, and are thus stuck in the past.
Well, I could say the same about Cake.
Speaking of which, they're about to go into the studio to record another CD,
and then embark on a national tour.
I'm currently working with some local club owners to get them here.

And they won't be traveling by time-machine, thank you very much.

>In love with their theories.

I knew you'd come around and see it our way.

Paul's gonna kick your ass for getting your damn Rick James boots all over
the couch.
Kevin in VT