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Re: it's official...

> My knowledge about the international date line is sketchy but I would bet
> that what looks like 3 days between Sydney and Shoreline is actually 4
> which makes it only slightly less strenuous but it is worth pointing
> out...now if I'm wrong and it's really only 2 then I'm tired too :)

Assuming they leave the day after the last Oz show Aug 5, which is the 4th
in the US, the Shoreline show would be on the 4th day.  However, it is only
a 14 hour or so flight to Frisco from Sydney, and you arrive in Frisco
BEFORE you left Sydney. :) This is why most people choose to make flights
over the Pacific at night. If you manage to sleep a good portion of the
flight it isn't as bad.  It is still bad.
Max, how bad is it? :)

Going the opposite direction you lose a day. :) Say you leave late Sunday
night in the US, you get there early Tuesday morning.