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> Funny, I didn't buy it right away, and at first listen, was confused.

I was amazed that the band who played on LIVE AT LEEDS could sound so
beautifully structured & almost gentle in the studio.  I wasn't turned
off; I thought the added dimension was cool. 

> Oh yeah?  Where's your Worst on, Best on??
> Huh, bucko?

OK, OK.  But I'm limiting my choices to the songs that were on the
*original* release, not the reissue.

Best:  "Tattoo"
Worst: "Sunrise"


> I got your love...

Aw, Kevin.....  That's sweet.  Come here & give me some sugar!

> I can literally picture the scene, the dressing room, the door, the 
> expression when Mr. Producer-dude smells her hairy, stinky, odorono-
> less arm pits.  The look of disappointment!
> It's really so vivid.

That's what so great about a lot of these songs.  They paint pictures
in your mind - like good literature.

> I got a small problem....

Hey now!  Too personal, too personal!

> Rooty-toot-tooty....
> Need I say more?

You're right.  That part's a bit daft.  I like singing along with it,
however.  But it makes you think:  Was Pete not able to come up with
a final lyrical stanza?

> > "Our Love Was" - 
> > A difficult time signature handled effortlessly by Moon.
> Exactly.  I always concentrate on Moon on this song.
> But, did I detect multiple drum tracks?

I don't recall that thought ever jumping out at *me.*  Perhaps some
overdubbed cymbal washes?

While listening to the album last night, I remember thinking:  Double 
bass guitar tracks on,.....I think "Rael."

> You know, we're going to have to hit Fillmore East boot sometime soon.
> Talk about "My God".  Relax is a journey. But, where did it fucking 
> end????

Yeah, I like that version, too.  More chuggness from The OX.  Chug-
chugga-chug-chugga-chug.  No one knows where (or when) it ended!  I
don't know of anyone who has the complete version from that show.
Perhaps when it's "officially" released, we'll know.  (Fingers crossed.)

> > It ("Sunrise") didn't grab me twenty years ago & it doesn't grab 
> > me now.
> It's growing on me.
> Takes a different mind set.

WHO BY NUMBERS has grown on me.  Why not "Sunrise."

> Where's your softy hat, Schrade??

Oh, stop it.  I love plenty of soft Who/Pete songs.  That's not the reason
I don't like it.  I just don't like the melody.  Or Pete's singing.

> > "Rael" - Love it!  What's it mean?  Who knows?  Who cares?!
> I do!  
> For fucks sake.
> Stop bashing me!
> You just don't know.  Admit it!

I admit it.  I don't know.  But here's what we *do* know:

The "Red Chins" (Chinese Communists?) are over spilling their borders &
threatening "Rael" (Israel?).

Some dude feels his "heritage is threatened" & decides to sail "homeward."

He tells his "Captain" to return to "this spot" on "Christmas Day" & 
look for a signal which will let the Captain know if the dude has decided
to stay in Rael or not.

If the signal is a "yellow flag" then that means the dude's "courage 
has ended" (he no longer wishes to fight?) & the Captain must then send
his boat ashore (presumably to pick up the dude & take him back out
to sea (?)).

If the signal is a "red flag" then that means the dude has decided to
remain in Rael & the Captain gets to keep the dude's "yacht." (!)

Now the "He's crazy if he thinks we're coming back again." line *is*
confusing because I don't know who's doing the talking.  I somehow don't
think the speaker is the same as the dude who is going to Rael to fight.
If that's the case, then people on the boat (or the Captain himself)
have decided they *won't* go back to that spot on Christmas Day & look
for his signal.  They think dude is crazy.  Why that is, I don't know.

"Rael II" almost seems like a prayer rather than more narrative.  No
help there.  

> That's two straight albums where a John song is my "worst on".

And you call yourself a fan of The OX.  You disgust me.

> > "Hall of the Mountain King" - Funny, but a bit too long.  Nice 
> > guitar work, though.
> You're just jealous you don't have Keith's stamina.

Or his ability.  He's a part of me, though.  I've got him in me. (Not
literally, of course.  You sickos.)

> How the fuck can it "fail completely" in the US?

Because The Who weren't well-known yet.  The songs are.....obtuse?  
(In a good way.)  Maybe many people just bought the ICSFM single & 
said "Fuck it" to the album.  People were more interested in singles
in 1967, too.

- SCHRADE in Akron