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In a message dated 12/4/2003 4:07:29 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
The songs are.....obtuse?
Obtuse, Daft, BRILL?  Scott, do you really know the meanings of these words? 
OK, I'll admit that I do feel a bit "obtuse" when I come across these 
adjectives but I am certainly not a *completely* daft person.  As for Brill, what does 
a European flatfish have to do with anything?

Now "Breen," I understand.

I absolutely loved your review of Sell Out.  You're right about Keith.  Now 
*he* was Briiiiiillllllllll!  My favorite drummer without even thinking twice.  
He had feel and dominating creativity.  Explosive energy and sensitivity at 
the same time. He did things no one in the world could do and few can even 
copy. Very UN-obtuse.

You need to start sending your local Cuyahoga Falls newspaper brief articles 
everyday until they come to their senses and hire you to write a daily column. 
 You deserve fame!

Jon in Mi.