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	>From: "Schrade, Scott" 
	>Subject: SELL OUT 
>I remember buying SELL OUT early on in my Who love-affair. I dug it
>because of it's lightness.

Funny, I didn't buy it right away, and at first listen, was confused.
It was so different then anything I had heard before.
I didn't know what to think!
I had been brainwashed by the establishment, and The Who was breaking down those norms.
I literally forced myself to listen about 3 or 4 times before it made the impact that we know it can....and does.

>In hindsight, it seems 
>such a natural step towards TOMMY.

"Now listen Captain to my instructions....."
Captain Walker, anyone?

>Unlike Kevin's half-assed attempt,

HEY!  What the.....
Oh yeah?  Where's your Worst on, Best on??
Huh, bucko?
Do tell, do tell!  I dare your right half of your ass!

>I feel I must comment on each song.
>Partly because I'm a blowhard,


>partly because I love the album so much,

I got your love...

>partly because I don't give a fuck.  So fuck you, just read.

Scott Mood!  Scott Mood!

>"Armenia" <snip> I've heard people question as
>to whether or not that's Daltrey singing the lead.  Some think it's Moon.
>I think it's Daltrey. 

It's Daltrey.  I was there.

>Why isn't Pete
>given more credit for his genius?

Go ask a rough or really good looking boy.
Doh!  ;-o

>"Odorono" -  Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!  What lyrics!  What satire!

Man, I love this song/"jingle" too.
I can literally picture the scene, the dressing room, the door, the expression when Mr. Producer-dude smells her hairy, stinky, oderono-less arm pits.
The look of disappointment!
It's really so vivid.

>With a sense of mood & tone. How
>archaic & one-dimensional lug-heads like John Bonham sound compared to 

Amen, Cousin!
Oooooo, Schrades on a tear!  Thinking with all of his ass!

>"Tattoo" - Well we could stop right here & the album would be a master-

I got a small problem....
Need I say more?
Still, GREAT song.

>"Our Love Was" - 
>A difficult time signature handled
>effortlessly by Moon.

Exactly.  I always concentrate on Moon on this song.
But, did I detect multiple drum tracks?
No matter.  Genius at the skins.

>Has there ever been a better band?

Stupid question alert!

>"Medac" - A bit lumbering but hard to resist.  Short & charming.  Upbeat.
>Henry succeeds in the end!  Watch out, girls!

That calmed my emotions!

>"Relax" - My God.  The great songs on this album.

You know, we're going to have to hit Filmore East boot sometime soon.
Talk about "My God".  Relax is a journey. But, where did it fucking end????

>"Silas Stingy" - Beautiful character study by The OX.

I've always had a soft spot for this song.
(Don't even go there, Scott.  Really.  Don't do it.  Not even if we're alone.)

>"Sunrise" - I know I'm in the minority on this,

Not so sure about that.

> but I feel this song is 
>the weak point of the album.

I won't go that far.

>The melody is awkward to me.

Very different.

>Pretty lyrics & all, but I'm
>sorry....I usually skip this song.  I didn't grab me twenty years ago &
>it doesn't grab me now.

It's growing on me.
Takes a different mind set.
Where's your softy hat, Schrade??

>"Rael" - Love it!  What's it mean?  Who knows?  Who cares?!

I do!  
For fucks sake.
Stop bashing me!

>Just enjoy
>the lyrical imagery.  Let it paint a picture in your mind.

I did, and I have.  I want more!
Deal with it!  Guess you'll be no help.
You just don't know.  Admit it!

>"Melancholia" - Ah, now here we have more brilliance.

A top shelf example.

>And finally the wild explosion
>at the end.  The melancholia has developed into anger & a lashing out!
>Top-notch Who!

Simply orgasmic.

>"Someone's Coming" - One of my favorite OX tunes!  Kevin doesn't like it!
>Can you believe it?!

I know!  That's two straight albums where a John song is my "worst on".
But, I had a Who dream of sorts last night, 'cause it only included John.
I'm having some sort of anxiety dream, where I'm being chased around in a hotel by some really bad dudes (usually it's bears in the woods.  Yipes!).
I temporarily lose the "chasers", and run into John.
Of all people!
He helps me out by letting me crash/hide in his room.
While were walking down the hall, I see a cd in his hand.
It's labeled "Ox solo - Pure..."
I'm thinking, an Ox solo during Pure and Easy??
We get to his room, and there are a bunch of my old High School friends there too.
We partied!
Well, until my boy woke me up.

>Kevin's gonna get a 'iding!  Bend over, Kevin!  You de-
>serve it!

Thank god, that wasn't in my dream.
I'd be warped forever.

>"Hall of the Mountain King" - Funny, but a bit too long.  Nice guitar
>work, though.

You're just jealous you don't have Keith's stamina.

>A near-per-
>fect testament to outstanding rock music created by the most outstanding
>rock band.  I fucking love it.  Love it, love it, love it, fucking love 

How the fuck can it "fail completely" in the US?

Kevin in VT

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