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Re: Lifehouse compilations....

	>From: "Jim M" 
	>Subject: Re: Lifehouse compilations.... 
>Isn't it just typical that we Who fans
>have to live with the frustration of the best album that was never made.

Frustration as a Who fan has no bounds.  ;-)
>I mean, they were so close to having a rock opera of the caliber of Tommy or

I'm convinced it would have been better.  

>All that was needed was to connect a few dots.

It all seems so simple now.

>But, Pete's ideas were so much more grandiose.

Too many simple minds around him.

>There's the live version of Time is Passing from the Young Vic, which I
>really like.

That's it!
WN Delux.
Oh God, thanks.
That was really starting to bug me.

>I'm starting to realize I'm going to have to do two versions
>of this.  One with songs from lots of sources, Who studio, Who live, Pete
>solo, Pete demo, maybe even Pete live.

That's how mine is.
Water is from IOW.
Two Pete solo's, etc.
It works.
It all comes together.
And, it's appropriate, in that Lifehouse is Pete's brain child.
Had others been more supportive, I might have kept it just to WHO tracks.

>The other version would be just Who studio versions
>of songs.  That limits the choices to where you've really only got enough
>for one CD anyway.

Yeah, but....is it complete?

>Slip Kid seems to fit a lot more than Who Are You does.


>There's this "civil
>war," "slip over here and set me free," "no easy way to be free"


>theme that
>I can work that in with my admittedly very fuzzy mental image of Lifehouse.

My problem is that it wasn't included...originally.

>On the other hand, right from the first line of Who Are You, I have a

I just can't shake the meaning that has been pounded in our heads for decades.
Contract issues.
"11 hours in a tin can, god there's got to be another way."
Can't shake that meaning.
I must acquit.

>I could still use a crash course.  I know Pete's given some interviews, etc.
>Does anyone know of a good link to something that explains the story.

I haven't looked in a while, but Pete's site used to have a very extensive explanation and discussion about Lifehouse.
Top to bottom.
I read part 1, and never got back to the rest.
I'm sure it's all there.

>haven't bought Chronicles.  It's a lot of money for a whole lot of Scoop
>type demos.

Ahhhh, I answered above thinking you had Chronicles.
That would be another source.

>What do people think of the radio play.

Long.  Yawwwwn.
But, I do remember sitting by the computer (with all you other Who campers!) in our own Lifehouse, plugged in, listening to the original airing of the play.
That was one of the coolest experiences.
>Does that really pull
>it all together?

It does create imagery.
But, it also created some confusion for me.
I really need to sit and re-listen to that.

But, what I found priceless about Chronicles, were the actual demos, and also the classical versions and compilations.
It's a worthwhile buy.

>I was missing:
>> Time Is Passing (Who Came First)
>Now I've got to find a "Who Came First" CD!  Or, use the live version.

I'm going to replace mine with the Who version of off WN Delux.

>> Naked Eye
>This is another song that I really don't see how it fits.  Great song,

The best.  My all time favorite.
We once had a rather extensive discussion/debate on the meaning of Naked Eye.
We even had Matt ask Pete.
His reply was a quick "get out of here, I'm busy."
But, our thinking wasn't in line with Lifehouse.
We were conjuring up ideas of bad marriage, life in a hotel, porn on the TV while barricaded from fans in your hotel room, etc.
That was fun thread.
Ahhh, the mammaries.

>You can do it if
>you drop The Rock,

Send out the Who Police!!!!!

>If I
>can get a clean edit, that would preserve the way it transitions from Dr.
>Jimmy to Love Reign O'er Me.

We need CD's with more storage.
Or, DVD players in our cars.

Kevin in VT

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