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Re: Lifehouse compilations....

> Hey, Kevin, thanks for the input.  

Anytime, man.


> > But, for some reason I was thinking that a new release included a 
> > Who version of a song that I previously only could find on Pete solo 
> > collections.  I'm thinking now that it's not Mary, but rather "Time 
> > is Passing" ?
> There's the live version of Time is Passing from the Young Vic,

Cazzle Kuvin may be thinking of "Time Is Passing" from the ODDS & SODS

> Does anyone know of a good link to something that explains the story.

Not really, but this one uses Pete's comments to try to explain the


> It's a lot of money for a whole lot of Scoop type demos.  

The demo discs are the best thing on CHRONICLES.

> What do people think of the radio play?

It's awful, IMO.  Confusing, stupid, & boring.

> Does that really pull it all together?

Not really.  It still remains a convoluted story.  The radio play adds
a blandness to the story, stripping away any interesting bits.  Some
people like it; I don't.

> I'm still trying to figure out how to get Quadrophenia onto one CD.  
> You can do it if you drop The Rock, 


> but that's not satisfactory.  


> I'm working on seeing if I can slice a couple of minutes out of it 
> using .wav editing software.  If I can get a clean edit, that would
> preserve the way it transitions from Dr. Jimmy to Love Reign O'er Me.

That's probably what I would do.  *Edit down* "The Rock."  Maybe even
drop "I Am the Sea."  <gasp!>  (If worse comes to worse.)

- SCHRADE in Akron