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13th in the UK, and "failed completely" in the US... HA!


'If your troubled and you can't relax...
Close your eyes, think on this...
If the rumors floating in your head all turn to facts...
Close your eyes, think on this....

"For all its imaginations 'The Who Sell Out' reached only a disappointing
number 13 in the UK LP charts, and failed completely in the US despite the
heavy touring schedule that the band were undertaking over there.  Because of
touring, it was recorded variously in London, New York and Los Angeles, and
there were even some unproductive sessions in Nashville".  Chris Charlesworth

Man, I love pulling albums I haven't listened to in a long time, and doing a
What a killer opening song.
Even the very last chord scared me, with it's violent end.
It's amazing with The Who.  I hear something new every time.

Anywho,....Scott's "Best on, Worst on" should begin this journey...
So, here's mine.

Besides the initial Coke commercial (coke after coke after coke-a-cola)
My vote for worst would have to go to "Someone's Coming".  Quite

A close call, but I have to go with Melancholia over a very close Relax.
Honorable mention to Early Morning (3:36!) Cold Taxi.

My first question I guess is why the hell won't "dahling" tell us what the
fuck is for tea??!!
I mean, it's a fairly simple question.
Must hubby ask twice?
Even old gramps has to chime in to try and get a reply.
What the hell?
Special tea?
Special spread on the crunchy-wunchy toasties? (little Clockwork reference).

Seriously, one of the most intriguing things on this album (besides HALL OF
THE MOUNTAIN KING!!!!  Holy shit!  Ever listen to that with headphones and
LOUD??!!!  Try keeping up with Keith!  Yaaaaaaaawwwwwww!!!!!!) has to be Rael.
It's the ground work for Tommy, yet I've never fully understood what the hell
it's about.  I've done a bit of research, and here's what the intrepid, and
often controversial Chris Charlesworth has to say.....

"It's been suggested that 'Rael' is an abbreviation for Israel, that the 'Red
Chins' referred to are Red Chinese and that the song is politically motivated.
Either way 'Rael' is definitely a place, as the coda (Rael2') released on The
Who's 4-CD box set, makes clear.  Pete has written that a portion of the
established religions as their expanding population eventually takes over the
whole world.  But interpretations are meaningless as Pete himself admitted.
'No-one will ever know what it means', he said.  'It has been squeezed up too
tightly to make sense.' "

There's a story there.
Lost somewhere in Pete's mind?
More post-war anxiety.
If anyone has more info., I'm all ears.


'Don't throw sticks at her....'

Kevin in VT