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Re: Hipper than Cher

>So The Who never has been quite "hip" and they're not likely to be
phat, either.  The big question is, can The Who play to a mostly
young, female audience (which surveys show are buying the cds).  Did
anybody notice the composition of the QUAD audiences?> 
Well, I'm female and relatively young (30, ugh) and I consider it a privilege each time I've been able to see The Who, or one of its solo members.  I don't expect them to play to me or others in my demographic.  What I do expect is the quality rock and roll that they have produced throughout their lifetime, and nothing less.  In fact, I would be amazed and disheartened if they attempted to play to a young, female audience, judging by what radio airplay dictates as popular with that crowd.
As far as the Quad audiences, I was at one of the shows in New York at MSG and in the row behind us, there was a father with his son (who appeared to be about nine).  The father loved the album when it was released and so he wanted his son to experience it "first hand" as well.  Boy, did I feel hopeful for humanity at that moment!!
In my home state of MA, most of the audience belonged to the generation before my own, but dollars to donuts, I knew each and every word of those concerts while the "older" crowd looked as if they were there because they thought it would be "hip", or for some kind of twisted nostalgia.  (They did that off-beat hand-clapping and strange sort of bouncing-to-the-rhythm dance that you see Prince Charles do at his trust concerts!! Read: Antithesis of hip)
Regardless, if the music moves you in any way, then so be it!!  Go with it!!  Enjoy it however you like.
Funny this conversation about "hipness" and Quad.....In the end, Jimmy tossed all that mod "hipness" away in favor of himself.