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Whofest at Myrtlebeach is ON !

Hi Everyone. It gives me great pleasure to announce  today that The 
Whofest at Myrtlebeach, South Carolina is ON ! Dates are 16th -23rd
August 1999.
           Firstly, Thanks to all those listers that replied and 
more or less has made this possible. Whilst the general interest was
not overwhelming,enough of you have shown a keen interest  to at 
least make it a small affair and that's why we've decided to go ahead.
         This will be no Who Convention that many of you have gone to
over the years. This will probably turn out to be a rather casual
affair,spontaneous to say the least,still a number of people have
decided that they'd like to meet up in a nice resort area where they
can relax, have a holiday and talk Who.
          There will be more information posted on the list from time
to time, regarding activities,Hotel/Motel information and general
info on the Myrtlebeach area. Some of the proposed ideas so far  do
include visits to the Baba Center which is nearby,an opportunity to
buy/sell/trade memorabilia and music,and a chance to see the local
bands play live. If anyone has any ideas that would like to add or
contribute to the occasion, please feel free to get in touch with
yours truly or Mark Leaman,they will be welcome. 
         If you have not thought about making the trip this summer,
there's still plenty of time to think about it. Everyone is welcome ,
bring your family,friends,anyone you like ! As soon as we can there
will be some information posted on Lodging as we are working on that
right now. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in
August.      Regards,  Derick.

P.S. In case you're wondering,there is no cost to anyone, it's FREE !
just come on down.

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