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Lifehouse article: Apology

> Lifehouse is set to debut on record on December 6.
>    End of Article  Thats it Verbatim!
>I got a couple of negative letters from people on this mailing list when I 
>posted the breif version of this article I hope this clears things up.  I am 
>merely reporting what i read.

   Hi there,
   Posting this to list and sending it to Jovar5 just to be thorough...
   Jovar5, dude, i believe i was the first to post a negative comment on
this, and as such, i want to apologize if you took it personally, i did not
mean it as an attack on you.
   What i said was, essentailly, i'll believe it when i see it and not
before. i've heard rumors like this for years and years, from seemingly
credible sources, even Pete himself in interviews. 
   i didn't question the existence of such an article, merely that Lifehouse
will actually see the light of day. 
   There has been much written here about it, and it admittedly sounds more
likely now than ever... Pete's recent solo stuff has sold modestly, as has
Roger and John's, the Quad tour did well, the box set sold well... Pete's
solo deal with Atco is coming to end (reportedly, i don't know this first
hand), Pete has Lifehouse stuff on his mind (i would guess, judging from
"Psychoderelict" and the conceptual/broadway stuff he's been up to), and the
BBC has reportedly commisioned (?) him to do something with it... those last
three are summaries of stuff posted here, so don't question me about them, i
don't have sources for them.
   Still, i don't want to get my hopes up. When Pete was working on
"Psychoderelict" he did an interview on "Rockline" radio show (promoting
"Tommy" broadway show, if i remember right) in which he said the next
release from him would probably be a version of "Lifehouse". Immediately
thereafter he stated that he shouldn't say that because he had said it so
many times before, and the way he works, things always seem to evolve into
something else. This i heard with mine own ears from Pete's voice on the radio.
   So i'm a skeptic. And i wanted to warn you and the others on this list
that the fat lady doesn't always sing the song you expect her to. That's
all, i wasn't suggesting you were a liar or that the report was made up.

                           Hope that clears up any misunderstanding. Here's
hoping we actually get LIFEHOUSE!!!!   

               peace&anarchy, jeffree