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Re: Standing

Bob and everyone :),

I don't think I've forgotten what it's like to be a Who fan, and while
I'll openly admit to being a bit older than I was when I first started
listening to the Who, I don't think tragic un-hipness sets in at the age
of fifteen. It is BECAUSE I am fifteen that I know very well the sorts
of nasty things that happen at concerts with lots of people standing.
Like I said before, these things probably don't happen at Who concerts
very often anymore, but even so, where do we draw the line at?

And remember everyone, the standing section may be quite a few rows
deep. Unless you're in the first half dozen rows or are over seven feet
tall, you will have difficulty seeing the stage from the floor if
everyone is standing. The people in row 10 probably paid just as much
for their seats as the people in row 5, and they want to see what's
going on as much as everyone else. It's cool if people want to stand for
the best part of the show, or the end, or to clap or whatever, but it's
just rude to stand up for most/all of the show.

But it's probably too much to ask for people to behave decently at rock
concerts, right? After all, it's not like you're at a MOVIE or
something, all laws and rules and common courtesy are magically
suspended for rock concerts.

                                               -Yellow Ledbetter

maybe we should argue about something else...hey, anyone want to fight
about whetheor not Pete is gay? <duck> :) :) :)
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