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Re: Standing

Sometimes I forget that most of you out there are corather a bit older
than me. I suppose thhere are those of you who have never seen anyone
pulled from a mosh pit and carried out of the concert hall on a
stretcher. Thhere are probably those of you who have never experienced
the joy of being slammed in the h head by some drunked ogre who decided
they wanted to get up and dance to their favorite soong. I'm not
completely against general admission seating, it can be fun as long as
it's handled properly and the audience is a good one. And in all
probability, the audiences at the recent Who shows weren't going to
crush anyone to death. However, I just want all of you to udnderstand
that IT IS NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL CONCERTS. People are indeed crushed to
death at concerts. I could name you half a dozen cases I know of right
off the top of my head. So, just from my personal experience, it is MY
preferance that people use the seats at concerts for sitting purposes.
If there aren't any seats, fine, stand, just for goddess's sake don't
start shoving people around, kicking people in the head, stabbing them
with your drug needles, or whatever.

And I just want everyonne to know I tried my best up there to not sound
too much like a snotty young person, but it's very hard. :)

                                    -Yellow Ledbetter
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