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RHD acting

> Shanon T Dell writes:
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> 	During Christmas break I saw a Tales from the Crypt starring 
> Daltrey as a war photographer.  A few months ago a saw him play a bit 
> role as a gunfighter (or something) in a really bad movie called 
> "Lightning Jack" starring Paul Hogan.  What other stuff has he been in?
> Shanon
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Apart from the obvious (Tommy, Lizstomania), he has a small but pivotal 
role at the beginning of "If Looks Could Kill", a James Bond/Indiana Jones-y 
spoof starring Richard Grieco.  It is a real stinker (I am embarrassed to say I 
PAID to see at the cinema -- didn't even rent it), but Roger is the best 
thing in it.  

Note to Steve D: I wasn't the only one who paid to see this -- Joanne A 
and Allyson went, too!