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short WHO film clip

Hello all,                                                         Jan 19, 1995

I was wondering...

In upstate N.Y. there is a radio station 95X (or maybe it was a N.Y.C. station,
I can't remember) that many years ago (maybe 15) aired a television commercial 
that ended with a clip from the WHO.  I believe the clip was the finale of
WGFA where Pete comes sliding in on his knees. The neat thing was that the clip 
had something done to it to make it (i don't know the right word for it) 
negative or digitized or something along that line.  I seem to remember that
it was also slowed down a bit.

Has anyone seen it or know where it came from?  I always thought it was the 
perfect radio station ad and the climax of the WHO at the end was brilliant.  I 
would love to get a copy of it.