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Re: Covers of the who, humor

On Tue, 17 Jan 1995, QuietOne wrote:

> >  Now, for some humor. Imagine about 14 COUNTRY AND WESTERN BANDS doing a 
> > cover CD for the who! (for 14 different songs.....)
> >  :-)

 Quiet One,

 Both yourself, and others, have responded to my original note of humor 
with equally funny humor, and I have appreciated it. I hope others have 
liked this humorous side note on this list serv as well.
On a more appropriate note:

1) This listserv *has* helped me buy new cd's and video's from the who 
and/or PT. "Tommy: Original Journey." and a better digital cd of the 
"Empty G...." are both examples, and *I THANK* all people who talked 
about them on this list!

2) The who's songs are classics and will pass the test of time, IMHO

3) Welcome to all new who listserv people!!! To be brief:
 I have been a who fan since 1971, I have never gone to any concerts (I 
need to change that habit), I buy all who cds, videos except boots.

Kevin Wilson

Ps. I will think 14 C/W bands would be funny, I would *buy the cd*, and 
wouldn't it be fit with the demographics of things???? !!!! :-) ;-)
 Think about it.

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I look pretty tall but my heals are high