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Re: short WHO film clip

The clip of WGFA was also used in an commercial for 96.5 WCMF in Rochester
when thier atation slogan was "Long Live Rock", you think they would have used
a clip of that song.

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>From: FIORE@napoli.infn.it
>Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 17:17:53 +0200 (CET)
>Subject: short WHO film clip

>I was wondering...

>In upstate N.Y. there is a radio station 95X (or maybe it was a N.Y.C.
>station, I can't remember) that many years ago (maybe 15) aired a
>television commercial that ended with a clip from the WHO.  I believe
>the clip was the finale of WGFA where Pete comes sliding in on his knees.
>[snip] Has anyone seen it or know where it came from?  I always thought it
>was the perfect radio station ad and the climax of the WHO at the end
>was brilliant.  I would love to get a copy of it.


There is a 95X here in Syracuse (95.7 WAQX), but I haven't seen the
commercial in question. The latest 95X ads I've seen on TV show
a few people saying something like "Yeah, I like 95X," and then a
fifth person say, "It sucks." Then a voice-over says, "Well, 4 out
of 5 isn't bad." or something to that effect--definitely not as
classy as a spot of Pete in the climax of WGFA.

As a side-note, their bus ads are simply a picture of 95X upside


P.S. Was that new Who stuff just a cruel joke?