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Re: On the note of covers ...

On Tue, 17 Jan 1995 FIORE@napoli.infn.it wrote:

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> Hello all,                                                         Jan 13, 1995
> On the note of covers (or close enough) .......
> Has anyone ever heard of a band from Boston called the Cavedogs?  They were
> originally on Enigma and then later picked up by Capital Records.
> I can't help thinking a little of the WHO when I listen to some of there songs
> (particularly on their 'Joyrides for Shut-ins' album).
> There's even a song which just coincidentely has the name Babaganoosh, or
> Baba something (i'm not certain of the exact name becuase I don't have the CD 
> in front of me).
I haven't heard of the band OR heard any of their music, but it's a good 
guess the song was titled "Baba Ghanouj", which is a Middle Eastern food 
made from eggplant & tahini.  Just a guess.

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