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Re[2]: the WHO in 1995

Hi Martin (welcome to The Who list!)

>. And, even better, Pete and John have agreed to
>play on the tracks and have it released as a bonafide NEW WHO album. The only
>negative is that Pete, at this point, refuses to tour to support the proposed
>album. Pete has even offered the idea of Roger and John touring as "The WHO"
>ala  Pink Floyd minus Roger Waters. If this happens, any integrity that the
>band has will go out the window.
I don't suppose you'd care to name your source of this info, you see when I read 
"NEW WHO album" my heart skipped a beat and whilst I like to think of myself as 
an optimist we've all heard rumours like this before and they've never 

> The WHO on tour without Pete would be
>like.....like....like....Roger doing "Daltrey Sings Townshend" all over
Agreed, if Pete doesn't want to tour then fine - I'd be disappointed but still 
thrilled to see Roger and John touring (but not posing as The Who).

>sources say that he's really waiting for the right $$$$$$$ offer. Seems
>logical, given Pete's track record. Let's hope that if new material comes out
>this year, the band puts out a united front, and that they stop acting like a
>bunch of name-calling brats!!!
Makes sense, I understand that Bill Curbishley was extremely keen to get the 
band to tour the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia) back in 1989 but the 
US & UK legs were enough for Pete.  I spoke to Richard Barnes about this a while 
ago and he said that Pete's problem was that he just wasn't greedy enough. 

It would be great to see them tour again (especially in support of a new album 
rather than doing the 'greatest hits' thing that they and other bands of their 
era so often get criticised for).  On the other hand if they do tour then any 
chance of me seeing Rogers tour in Australia would probably go out the window.  
And unless Pete gets 'greedy' I doubt they'd come my way unless Pete felt he 
could tie it in with the Tommy production which is supposed to be coming over.

Ah well, let's just see what happens shall we...