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Talk about TOMMY crowd reactions.

> >Also,  I went to see  Tommy at the Kennedy Center in D.C. last night.
> >...the audience was completely LAME.  To be fair, I think that at
> >least 50% were just going for a night out and were not very familiar with 
> >the Who or Tommy.  The mean age of the audience was actually quite high 
> >(above even the oldest Who-fan generation).  So I was a little let down 
> >with the energy level....
> I think this is the danger of PT taking his work out to a broader (read: "less
> cerebral") audience.  There's going to be a higher percentage of the audience
> out for a night on the town or just curious on-lookers.

  Do you think that PT put Tommy on Broadway only for the benefit
  of WHO fans ?  How can you NOT expect common on-lookers or the 
  people out on the town to show up ? 

  Come on, this is a Broadway show, not THE WHO live, what did you
  expect to do ? Hold up a lighter for an encore ???

> >My friends and I were the only ones who contributed any noise at the curtain
> >fall.

Its been out for almost 2 years. There are more people going now than there
are remaining WHO fans that haven't attended yet...