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Pete on Queen

REGARDING                Pete on Queen
These are some extracts from an interview with Pete published in a guitar
magazine from years ago (I'll get the exact reference if anyones interested)
which I forwarded on to a friend of mine who's a huge Queen fan.  Thought you
Who-lister's might be interested as well...

Denis.  <Denis_Bowler@magellan.erin.gov.au>
Excerpts from the Townshend interview I mentioned yesterday:

"When we vacated the live concert industry it was filled by Queen and
Status Quo in the U.K.  When we play here there's one big chunk of the
audience missing and those are the people who thought, 'Well, if you
can't be bothered we're going to go and watch Queen!'  In fact both their
managers have said, "The year The Who broke up was our best ever year"
- that was the year Queen became a quantum supergroup.
I've always liked Queen, because the idea is, 'We're not afraid to be
pretentious' - the same kind of thing that The Who had in the seventies."

[And on the music scene in the 70's just prior to punk...]
"I remember having been very depressed, much as I am now, about the
music industry - we need another punk explosion now, it's not quite as
bad as it was then, because there's some good stuff happening with rap
and hip-hop and everything.  But all there was, really, was Queen!
That wasn't the end of the world, because Queen were fun.  But that's all
there was - Queen and the Electric Light Orchestra pretending to be
Queen, and lots of other people pretending to be the Electric Light
Orchestra Meets Queen - like Asia.  It was dreadful - lots of music
students, lots of Rick Wakeman clones, lots of people coming on stage
wearing saris."