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A plea from your mailing list maintainer...

Hi Folks,

It's that time of year when many of you, particularly those at educational
sites, take a long absence for the summer.  

If your account is being de-activated over the summer, please take a minute
to unsubscribe from the list.  It saves me a lot of bounced e-mail and
detective work (trying to figure out if it is a mail problem or that you are
no longer there).

I am sending this to both the Celtics and The Who mailing lists.  Each of
these lists has a digest and non-digest version.  You recieve the digest if
you get one big message each day.  You receive the non-digest version if you
receive many messages scattered throughout the day.

Here is how to unsubscribe from each respective list.

Send mail to majordomo@cisco.com with the following line in the body of the

unsubscribe celtics

unsubscribe celtics-digest

unsubscribe thewho

unsubscribe thewho-digest

Pick the line that mathches the list you're on.

Thanks much.

-> Paul <-

Paul M. Moriarty / pmm@cisco.com / +1 415 688 8174 
Manager, Engineering Computer Services / Cisco Systems, Inc.
"Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, small statesmen...." - Emerson